First of all, I don't treat conditions, I treat people. As a Naturopathic Doctor, I specialize in getting to know each individual patient that walks through my door. I'm not going to give the same cookie-cutter approach to every patient with diabetes or anxiety or IBS etc. Each person is different. Each body is different. Therefore it doesn't make any sense to treat everyone in the same way.
Every treatment plan I design will be tailored to that person. That means you get individualized care and a commitment from me to research the best possible plan for you.

My commitment to you :

Individualized care

Getting to the root cause

Treating you as a person, not a disease

Listening to your concerns and coming to mutually agreed upon plans

Co-managing with your other health care practitioners

Creating a therapeutic relationship that allows for open, honest discussions



Common conditions I have treated:

Chronic Pain                       Autoimmune conditions               Headaches/Migraines            
Weight loss                         Liver problems                              Premature aging
Stress and Anxiety             Gastrointestinal complaints          Dermatological conditions
Fatigue                                Hormone imbalances                    Kidney problems
High blood pressure          Psychiatric problems                    Urinary tract issues
High cholesterol                 Pediatric diseases                        Toxin buildup
Menopause                         Infertility                                        Prevention of disease
Fibromyalgia                      Chronic Fatigue Syndrome          Common cold/flu