I'll be the first to admit that I would rather sit my butt on the couch and read a book than go out for a run in the frosty winter air. I love to hike in the spring, summer and fall but the winter has me hibernating in my house day in and day out. 
I just starting a self-imposed exercise routine after a kick butt spin class had me positively glowing afterwards. I realized I had been missing that rush or exercise high all winter. 

As a doctor, I'm fully aware of the benefits of exercise but had every excuse under the sun why I didn't feel like working up a sweat every day. Does this sound familiar?? 

So my motivating statement this month is NO EXCUSES! I can't sit on the couch and expect my lung capacity to improve, my energy levels to rise and my tummy to get slimmer. Lets be honest here!! 

I took the first step today - I went for a run! It was slow as molasses and my lungs were ready to explode but it was a step (a baby step) in the right direction. 

My challenge to you - find your motivation...your "why" that will propel you forward when you feel like Netflixing all day/night! Get creative and have fun with it. If you need a little extra support, I'm always here to kick you in the butt! 

Dr. L

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We're Moving!

The Simple Life Naturopathic/Dr. Johnston is moving to Kincardine, Ontario! The same comfort and boutique feel will be present in her new home clinic space at 740 Palmateer Drive. She is absolutely thrilled to be heading back to her hometown and to finally indulge her passions of nature and living near the water again. 

Dr. Johnston will continue to provide exceptional care to Kincardine and surrounding area. She is accepting new patients as of July 20,2016. 
Online booking is provide to make appointments easier and more convenient. 

Looking forward to seeing you in this beautiful lakeside community! 


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