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Mom, Naturopathic Doctor turned
Health Strategist

Lesley is a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto Ontario and a member of the College of Naturopaths of Ontario. She is passionate about showing women, especially moms, how to simplify their lives and optimize their health.

Dr. Les is the author of The Importance of Being Love and the Dare To Live The Simple Life: Womxn Empowerment journal.  As well as, the Facilitator of The Mama Wellness Simplified Masterclass.

After over a decade in practice, she has developed a formula to remind people about the beautiful basics and simple way of life and as such, she will be switching to a more aligned approach to health in March 2023 and dropping her Naturopathic license. 


Lesley combines simplicity, authenticity & integrity to inspire others on their health journey.

Areas of Interest


Mind-body Connection, Intuition and Energy Medicine, Maternal Well-being 

Lesley has a special interest in helping busy women, especially moms, simplify their lives, create more time and freedom for the things they love while also optimizing their health. Women have a tendency to put themselves on the backburner for the sake of taking care of others. This is an absolute necessity when children are young or aging parents are needing support, however, this care-taking needs to be balanced with knowing what their own bodies and minds need to thrive as a woman.

Lesley reminds women how to embrace solitude, get in touch with themselves again, maintain boundaries and she provides Living Simply strategies to enrich lives. Her work helps to create more conversations around the unrealistic expectations put on moms. She provides mental, emotional and spiritual health support and a safe space for women to be themselves.

Love - Simple Life Naturopathic

For the Moms


Dear Mama,

I see you.


I see how hard you’re working to provide a loving space for your kids to grow up. I see you preparing meals, comforting everyone and only taking time for you when everyone else is settled in bed.


I see you doing what you can to keep your children healthy and safe. I see you making all the decisions needed to keep your little family on track. I see you.

I also see how tired you are some days. I see how juggling it all is leading to burnout and high-stress levels. I see how some days feel like a repeat of the day before. I see the loneliness and isolation. I see the lack of support and the need for sisterhood. I see this. I’d like to help.

I’d like to sit with you, provide space for you to have real conversations, and help you create the boundaries you need to feel more empowered in your life. I’d like to help you optimize your nutrition too, in turn, optimize your mood, your energy levels and your well-being.

I’d love to help you reclaim your power, figure out what really matters to you, and how to gain back the beautiful spark that makes you, you!

Are you ready?


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The Simple Life Studio:
Dr. Les’ boutique practice is based in Owen Sound, Ontario.

143226 Superior St.
Owen Sound, Ontario N4K 5N8

Email: simplelifenaturopathic@gmail.com

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