Hands-on manual therapy helps to bring the body back into a balanced and grounded state.
It is both relaxing and gentle but has a profound effect on the physical and emotional body.

“Let your Hands speak a thousand words of Comfort, Hope and Love” - Bastyr

Body work has the ability to treat:

- Muscle pain patterns

- Restricted movements (ie. frozen shoulder)

- Digestive and bowel problems including IBS

- Respiratory or breathing problems

- Joint pain including shoulder, knee, ankle and hips

- Depression and anxiety

- Headaches and Migraines

- Chronic ear infections

- Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue

- Menstrual and hormone irregularities

- Sports and accident injuries

- Groin pain, pelvic tilt and uneven leg lengths

- Repetitive strain injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome

- Low back pain and sciatica