BOOBS Part 2: The male perspective

 After chatting with a man friend about my previous post, he recommended I give some tips to the guys about what to look for if they happen to be feeling around near the chest region.

First of all guys, I can't stress this enough - GO EASY ON THE GIRLS. I had a boyfriend once that squeezed all the fun outta my fun bags and I had tender ta-tas all the next day. Needless to say, I schooled him in the art of breast fondling.
Or I guess she can do a breast exam on him! Guys can get breast cancer too

Sometimes men, you are the ones that get to know your ladies' breasts best. Women have a tendency to put off doing self exams because they aren't sure whether they are doing them properly. So if you're the type of guy that typically gets your hands on the "girls", pay attention to what you're feeling.

There is a bit of an art to doing a breast exam, you can't ignore the tail of the breast that goes up into the armpit (if this doesn't sound sexy, make sure she does it on her own). It is also important to make sure you go over every inch of the breast because little nodules can grow anywhere, even under the nipple. The nipple tends to be sensitive so tread carefully!

A common technique for a breast exam is to press superficially, middle and deeper into the same spot and then move adjacent and do it again. Now this is extremely clinical so if you want to make it part of your foreplay/fooling around routine, I suggest you use tongue, fingertips and palm to get the same kind of effect!! Gotta love a good sex tip!

The last point I would like to get across to the guys is: No two boobs are alike! A technique that your last girlfriend enjoyed may be different than the current girl because of sensitivity and sexual preference. Also, unless the boobs are surgically enhanced, there will be differences between each breast, even on the same chest. This could mean a different size, shape, or skin and nipple sensitivity. Don't stare awkwardly, just relish in the fact that there are boobs right in front of you and you are still a lucky son of a b*tch!!

Happy fondling!