Now that I have 100% of the male attention in the room, let's discuss boobies!

Women's breasts are a symbol of sexuality and fantasized over by men worldwide. Some men like them small, some prefer large flotation devices. Many men I've talked to say that more than a handful isn't necessary. Good to know!

Many women are obsessed with the size and shape of their breasts and nipples. It can be a source of embarrassment if they feel like they aren't perky enough, round enough, large enough or soft enough. However, just like our bodies, boobs come in different sizes and shapes and other than crazy surgery, there isn't much we can do about what God gave us. Therefore, it is time to embrace our lovely "girls", be proud, and maybe show them off in a sexy bra or lingerie!

Getting serious:
Ok so there's a few things you should know when it comes to breasts. (Ladies pay attention). We need to be our own advocates, notice any changes in the feel and look of the breast tissue, perform regular self breast exams and pay attention to our own health.

What doctors will ask and look for:
1. Discharge from the nipple (when you aren't breastfeeding)
2. Overt pain and tenderness
3. Nodules - small, irregular borders, painless, fixed, hard = Red flags for CANCER
4. Ropey tissue - fibrocystic breast tissue, may predispose women to breast cancer
5. Unsymmetrical movement of the breast, dimpling skin - could mean an underlying nodule or cancer pulling on the skin. 

Things that are normal:
Painful breasts with menstruation - normal yet not necessary so consult your MD or ND for options in hormone balancing.
Small amount of discharge from nipples if you squeeze them enough - as long as its not blood.
Pain when your partner squeezes them...come on guys, be gentle, you aren't trying to pop balloons!

To keep the "girls" happy and reduce pain or fibrocystic tissue, try removing your bra when you aren't out in public. The underwire of most bras causes a lack of lymphatic drainage that can lead to a stagnation of fluids in the breast tissue.
Do arm exercises - wave them around, flap your arms like wings, pump the lymph and blood circulation.
Light, gentle massage around the breasts - get your partner to do this, it's both relaxing, sexy and arousing.

Lets not forget one of the main reasons for breasts - a source of food for babies. Breastfeeding is a wonderful way to nourish and pass the proper immunological properties from mother to child. Well done Mom's. You guys ROCK!

So ladies, let's celebrate our breasts, take off your bras, let the girls fly free for a few hours a day and give them some tender loving care as often as possible.