The Twig

      Moving right along in the fun world of body parts, I felt it was only right to discuss the health of the male sex organ.
For some women, the one-eyed snake is a complete mystery,  but for others, they just need to walk in the room and they command 'its' attention.
I'm not a guy, so I'm not an expert on what it feels like to have an appendage between my legs but lets take a moment to discuss the hazards and potential issues that could plague the PENIS!

Hazard # 1 - The Runaway Zipper
Gotta be a man's worse nightmare - jagged teeth, tender skin and excruciating pain, not to mention embarrassment. Luckily as a Naturopath, we learned techniques to dislodge the stuck skin, often with the use of scissors! Haha no not to cut off the penis, to cut around the zipper. Ouch! However, I rarely see penis injuries in my practice. I believe the next best technique is oil to make the skin and the zipper slippery and therefore easier to move.

Hazard #2 - The Hot Chick
That awkward moment when you're strolling along the sidewalk minding your own business and the hottest chick that ever walked the planet walks by in 6 inch stilettos and a short skirt. The wind catches the skirt and... UH OH you're excited. The pressure of the erection as well as the after effects of not relieving said erection can cause significant discomfort.

Ok so hazards are avoidable (for the most part) but what about problems and pathologies.

ED or erectile dysfunction - can be caused by alcohol (see post #1 The big "O '), aging, hormonal imbalance, low libido or drugs/medication. Please see your doctor if you have a concern about this.

A painful erection that won't go away - Not always due to an over-consumption of Viagra - check out other Penile disorders for more information.