Dating 101

OK .... so the thing is, to you I may be this cool, funny Naturopath who seems to have it all figured out but let me let you in on a tiny secret. I'm SINGLE. Yes the previous posts about relationship advice were written by someone who is NOT in a relationship. Are you rolling your eyes and thinking, "well who the heck does this chick think she is?" Don't worry, I would have the same reaction...but just keep reading!

Life is what you make of it, right? We've all heard this expression. 
Same goes for dating.

I am at an age where most of my friends have significant others, partners, husbands, wives and multiple children. If my ego was to rule my life, I would be in a corner, rocking back and forth, feeling sorry for myself and asking 'whats wrong with me?' But happily, this isn't the case. I see my friends and loved ones successful in their relationships and that makes me even more hopeful that I will find someone that is a good match for me. 

In the search for this partner, I have taken it upon myself to join a dating website (not the free one which in theory should weed out a few of the player-types right away). I know that dating online is a shot in the dark but then again so is meeting people in a crowded club. The online world is an entity all of its own. you have to be smart with it. Not only does that mean not to give out your credit card info to the nice guy with a great smile but also to remain aware that if you're talking to multiple people, so is the really cute guy you just gave your number to. Speaking of numbers, there are the people that treat online dating like a numbers game, don't fall into this trap because its quite easy to do.
My experience thus far has consisted of finding men who are great on paper but lack the chemistry in person, meeting guys that can't seem to function outside cyber-worlds and meeting men of my dreams and having them run screaming from me! Its been an adventure to say the least.
Despite not having found my Mister Right, I have had a ton of fun, heard some pretty amazing life  stories and even made a couple of friends.

Single and sassy and out on the town:
1. Make a bucket list and start checking off the things you've always wanted to do.
2. Join a new club, hobby team to get out and just meet people.
3. Hang out with friends who you find know you the best and put a bug in their ear that you would be willing to be set up with someone
4.  This may sound corny but visualize having that significant other. How does he/she make you feel?

I've let you in on this part of my life to tempt you to see the bright side of the story. As a single woman in her early 30's, some people assume I'm plagued with loneliness because I'm not married with children. However, I have never been more happy, fulfilled and ecstatic about my future as I am at this moment. I'm really looking forward to the time when the right guy comes along but until then, I'm finding out what makes me  tick. I've started new hobbies (art, cooking, singing and volleyball), I make spur of the moment decisions to visit friends in another city, I'm traveling, and I'm making sure that I'm challenged body, mind and soul.

The single life is not a time to wallow in self pity, its a time to be free, uninhibited, adventurous and love yourself unconditionally. By the time your true life partner comes around, you can continue being this new creative and awesome person because you've attracted in someone who loves those qualities in you.

Moral of this story - be you, be crazy, let your freak flag fly, find out who you are and embrace the joys of being the sexy single men and women you are!