Ramblings from a Woman Entrepreneur

I have been wracking my brain for a month, trying to decide on a kick ass blog post topic and realizing that my creative juices have completely dried up. So before I miss out on posting in April, I've decided to ramble.

I'm a new business woman and with it comes new responsibilities and learning as I go. This has been both wonderful and challenging. I am constantly facing with new "issues" that never would have occurred to me to look into in the past.

The Good: I'm cultivating some really amazing relationships with patients, colleagues and friends. I seem to be making a difference, even if miniscule and I come home most nights feeling like 'I've done good.'

The Bad: I have had people whom I thought were friends, treat me poorly, I have been disrespected, frowned upon, lied about, felt pressure to do something I didn't want to do and told that I shouldn't be in a business if I can't handle it. I've listened to all the comments, initially felt crappy about it/myself/my profession, mulled it over with friends while drinking quite significant amounts of wine and ultimately come to ONE conclusion.


After all the crap gets piled on, there's one thing that I keep asking myself:

What am I here on this planet to do, that no one else can do?

This is tough to answer and the answer is a work in progress, but what I've come up with is this.
I have a wonderful ability to connect with everyone in my life on a deeper level than most. I'm striving for that connection that runs the test of time and doesn't revolve around material things. I want to really know what makes people tick and what inspires them to be the best possible person they can. Once I have cultivate this relationship, we become friends on this 'ship of life' that sometimes has its rocky, scary, capsizable moments and sometimes has its calm seas, smooth sailing moments but we always know that no matter what, we have someone on the ship we can count on to help us with our life preserver. I love this!
Yes maybe there is someone out there that strives for this connection as I do, but guaranteed they don't do it the same way I do.

So there...to all the Nay-sayers - Bite me! lol (I mean that in the nicest possible way)
I'm doing the best I can with what I have at this precise moment.  I love my patients, my friends, my family and myself. I couldn't have picked a better profession to teach me how to be a STELLAR human being. And ultimately it comes down to one thing:


Closing thoughts:
1. Are you doing what you are passionate about and what you truly shine at doing?
2. Are you listening to the nay-sayers and Debbie Downers?
3. Don't be afraid to be yourself and stand up for what you believe in. Its amazing how significantly we can change the world just by loving our own individual lives.

Dr. J!