Spring Cleaning in March 2014

March begins the first hint of Spring and this year we need it more than ever. Cabin fever has set in for many of us and the thought of going outside for a walk and to enjoy nature is heavenly.
With Spring, comes the urge to clean out the wintery cobwebs and create a fresh start. This may mean physically cleaning your house and surroundings, organizing a closet or two or cleaning up the diet in time for bathing suit season.

Whatever the cleaning urge, it is important to not stress about change.

Fun ways to clean house:
- Purging closets and clutter can be just as therapeutic for the house as it is for the mind. Physical clutter tends to make us more stressed. Giving clothes you no longer wear away to charity or a consignment store is one simple way to purge.

- Don't get overwhelmed by the mess, tackle one room at a time and celebrate with a treat or pat on the back at the end of each task. I like to make a "to-do" list which gives me huge satisfaction when I cross items off.

- Cleaning up your health routine: if you have fallen into bad food habits over the winter, now is the time to pick up your socks. Cut back on that addictive refined sugar, increase your glasses of water per day by 1, drink herbal teas in the morning instead of coffee. Small changes make a huge impact.

- We've all been a little too sedentary in the past months, lets clean up the body by making sure we are sweating 2-3 times a week. Your waistline, cardiovascular system and loved ones will thank you!

And most of all, enjoy the sunshine! I know its still cold but the warm weather is coming, I promise!

In health,

Dr. L